Deep in the Heart of Texting

Texting? The word “text” is a noun, and the phrase “I texted him” sounds just plain stupid and clumsy. Shirley, we can do better than this.
Now’s your chance to say “I said it first!” So what shall we call it?

1st place: Feemail (dunderbot, San Diego, CA)
2nd place: Weemail (Jennifer, Baltimore, MD)
3rd place: Thumbmail (waverider, Auckland, NZ)
Honorable mention: Phexting (as in phone texting—Will, Valley Center, KS)

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4 Responses to Deep in the Heart of Texting

  1. Barbara says:

    Not that I have any ideas, but none of the winners seem to be words that lend themselves to usage as noun/verb any better than “text” does. I feemailed him?

  2. JD says:

    I thought we already had an alternative – ‘to SMS’.

    Don’t know if this is UK-specific. And it’s pretty ugly. Oh, and it’s both a noun and a verb. But still.

    You could also use ‘text’ or ‘SMS’ as a noun: “I sent him a text” or “I sent him an SMS” aren’t too clumsy.

  3. Tammi says:

    I don’t know “feemailed” seems like a pretty nice verb; just like “emailed” is used.

  4. Michael Kline says:

    I chose “feemailed” as the winner on account of the horror stories I often hear regarding the parents (and other paying guardians) outrage when the bill is presented. Also, when an existing word is phonetically co-opted, it’s a “thing of booty.”

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