All told there are about 35-40 books that I’ve illustrated, ranging from dinosaurs to first aid. Most are produced by Williamson Publishing and are instructional activity books that deal with social, scientific, and historical subjects. And then of course, there are some that are just for fun.

Dibble Books

Coming soon… The Doodles of Sam Dibble. It’s a series of books about a 9 year-old who has a penchant for doodling in and on everything. (Penguin Young Readers)

Halloween Books

One of a 4-part series from Parent Perks, featuring the No Biggie Bunch, a diverse group of kids who handle the social challenges of food allergies with poise and panache.

fizz Books

A terrific primer for kids on the periodic table and what effect it has on everyday living. Written by Anita Brandolini and illustrated by Michael Kline.

kids write Books

Kids Write, by Rebecca Olien. Illustrated by Michael Kline.

wordplay Books

A great companion piece to Kids Write. Written and illustrated by Michael Kline.

dinos Books

A rhyming romp through the days of the dinos. Written by Howard Temperley and illustrated by Michael Kline.

first aid Books

Probably one of the funner books I worked on; lots of banged-up kids (like myself when I was, ummm, younger. Written by Karen Buhler Gale, illustrated by Michael Kline.

games Books

Great Games was a riot too; lots of running around, goofing off, and making things up as you go. Written by Sam Taggar (a pseudonym for all the contributors) and illustrated by Michael Kline.

geo cover Books

A great book on Geology for kids, with plenty o’ rock-related activities. Written by Cindy Blobaum and illustrated by Michael Kline.

beast Books

One of the more controversial books I’ve worked on, “Beast” was a wonderfully balanced book on all aspects of evolution, but was needlessly panned by conservatives. Written by Marc McCutcheon and illustrated by Michael Kline.

castles Books

A wonderful book on creativity by Mari Rutz Mitchell, employing one of my all-time favorite toys, the ubiquitous cardboard box. Illustrations by Michael Kline.

sea life Books

A treatise on oceanic activities for coastal kids. Written by Judy Press, illustrated by Michael Kline.

math Books

The Secret Life of Math by Anna McCallum. Cover design and illustration by Michael Kline.

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  2. Please send me the rest of the chapters (2-6) for downloading my free copy. It says this is not available when I went into the site this morning. Thanks much! Love it!


  3. Bruce says:

    Really like your art Mike. Your sketches all have a joyful expression. Do you use a tablet for any of your work?

  4. mikey says:

    Actually, I do… a Wacom Bamboo. I had developed severe carpal tunnel from using my mouse so much, but with the tablet I’m free to keep going long hours into the night. Thanks for the nice comments.

  5. Bruce says:

    I have also had carpal tunnel. I’m sure you know that you should get it treated (if you haven’t already) because it only gets worse over time. I recently purchased a Wacom Intuos5 but need motivation to keep practicing. 🙂

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