Infotoons are informational cartoons. The simple line work and vivid color of a cartoon provides a visually digestible means for explaining what might otherwise be a difficult subject. In other words, the easiest way is often the best way. Unique, evocative imagery for magazines, books, and web pages. For more info or pricing, contact me here. To see a wider selection of infotoons, scroll down or click here. Thanks!

Your Typical Weather Map

Without the weather person to interpret things for us, a detailed map of the weather could appear a bit confusing. Though it’s a constantly changing piece of information, here’s a quick primer on what to look for, and a guide as to just what those symbols mean.

5 Weather map Infotoons


The Geologic Time Scale

The geologic time scale is split into four major eras–Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic, and are subdivided into periods. The number beside the era or period in the infotoon below shows how many years ago it began. I thought it would be fun to show it as walk through the park. This would also make for a great class project as well. For more information, see the Earth issue of Kids Discover magazine. Click the image for a larger size. MYA=millions of years ago. We start at the Precambrian…

4 5 Winding Infotoons

Woodrow Wilson

Our 28th president, elected in 1912 and again in 1916. The only president of the United States to hold a Ph.D., Wilson was also instrumental in the women’s suffrage movement.

Wilson Infotoons

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

All seven wonders of the ancient world are located on or near Mediterranean Sea, largely because those who wrote about them had traveled in these areas. Marvels like the Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal in India (modern-day wonders) were unknown to the list makers or had not yet been built. Click for a larger image. (©Kids Discover Ancient Wonders)

Wonders1 Infotoons


12 Reduce e1265383635815 Infotoons

This is an infotoon about the different ways in which children can effect a difference by better managing resources. Click the image for a clearer picture. (From Kids Discover Conservation)

14 lightning Infotoons

An infotoon about how step leaders create a conductive path for lightning to form. Better to be indoors before it even gets this far!


17 Cold weather Infotoons

Some health issues that colder weather can bring on. (From Kids Discover Extreme Weather)


522 upside Infotoons

An infotoon about the upside of wind power, in that it can still function when the sun goes down. (From Wind and Solar Power, Reader's Digest Books for Children)


08 09 expressions Infotoons

An infotoon showing how muscles in the face are used for different expressions. (From Kids Discover Muscles)


39 Winds2 Infotoons

An infotoon showing how the warming of the Earth's equator creates trade winds–which aid in navigation, for pirates and sailors alike. (From Solar & Wind Power, by Reader's Digest Books for Children)


13 Young Samurai Infotoons

A young samurai received his first sword and samurai clothing around age 5. (From Kids Discover Samurai)


SafetyTips Infotoons

Some ways for kids to manage electricity in a safe manner. (From Kids Discover Electricity)



AirPressure Infotoons

BAROMETRIC PRESSURE Thanks to gravity, the atmosphere has weight. In fact, about one ton of air is always pressing down on you. (From Kids Discover Rain & Snow)




water Infotoons

An infotoon describing how much of our bodies are made of water.

10 11 table Infotoons

The periodic table. No small feat as it was changing while we worked on the article. Not uncommon for a science-related magazine.

14 trouble Infotoons

What happens when things go wrong in the lungs.

energy tips Infotoons

A few timeless energy tips from Admiral Bird.


I happen to believe there is a joke in everything, even simple physics.

levers Infotoons

There is a bit of magic in the way that simple levers work, so I employed the services of an ELF (Which is also an acronym for Effort, Load, & Fulcrum) to explain the concept. This is one of a series of illustrations for Kids Discover Simple Machines.



An illustration of Gregor Mendel's findings on the genetics of pea plants.


Clockwise from upper left: Serotonin in chocolate can adjust moods; Ounce for ounce, fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins than chocolate; Cacao beans as antioxidants; Nearly half of the calories in chocolate are from fats that can lead to heart problems.

in007 Infotoons

Three types of pulleys: (from left) Fixed, Movable, Block & Tackle

in001 Infotoons

The wind (smaller kids) always moves from high pressure to low pressure.


An explanation of what it means to kowtow

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  1. michelle says:

    I love the infotoons! Very creative using the topographic maps as the skin texture. Looks like you have a lot of fun with your work.

  2. sm00gle says:

    I do have fun with my work. Not everyone can sit around in their office all day and snicker at what they do… Thanks for the comment.

  3. lawrence77 says:

    I love this much!
    I love infos! 😉

  4. sriganesh says:

    nice one. cartoons are cool.
    and lawerence, we visit same site often da. ena oturmai

  5. I love everything about this site! The cartoons are great and the science is something I will share with my nine year old.

  6. Mohamed says:

    These cartoons are great – my kid asks me dozens of questions everyday and sometimes I’m at a loss to explain. Really well done! Added to my bookmarks!!

  7. emilytang says:

    I love cartoons are fun.

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  9. Wendi says:

    These Cartoons are so FUN & Valuable! A fun illustration may be the ONE thing that sticks in the mind of a child and secures a concept. That one concept may make understanding bloom and that may be the beginning of a lifelong quest! I’m inspired and very impressed with the creativity here. FANTASTIC!

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  11. Avien Bost says:

    Our son’s are both on the Autism Spectrum and these are FABULOUS!!! They both have Asperger’s Syndrome and they are very concrete in thinking and learning. Your work should be shared/paired with writers for kids on the spectrum. I am sure it would help them immensely!
    I look forward to checking out more of your stuff!!

  12. Sabah says:

    What a wonderful world! To find someone like you is really something to thank God for.
    I was searching the net for a picture to illustrate the idea of “levers” for my kids in school, I couldn’t find better than the wheelbarrow with the words-notes on it. I also discovered other cartoons which are so attractive. Thank you so much. Please keep up the fantastic creativity.
    Ms. Sabah / Science Teacher / Egypt

  13. Shelly says:

    Love these cartoons!! Ran across them as I was doing a search for images to use in my classroom for levers and discovered the ELF explanation :0) Pleased to say that I am using that as part of my lesson and anticipate visiting the page again for other infotoons that I want to use in other lessons. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. mikey says:

    Cool! I have some of my infotoons available at Etsy as well (if you’re looking for high-res, printable versions):
    And, I plan to make more available soon. Thanks Shelly!

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