Car Talk (not the radio show)

You grab your groceries, pocket your keys, and head for the larder, but your car still has something to say! Tink, tunk, donk, whatever. So, what exactly do we call those noises? Time to put on your thinking hubcap.

neologisms, wordplay
1st place: Carcophony (Emily S., Charlotte, VT)
2nd place: Cartunes (Michelle D., Wichita, KS)
3rd place: Nash Rumblers (Andy B., Toronto)
Honorable mention: Toyotahhs (Brian H., Louisville, KY)

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2 Responses to Car Talk (not the radio show)

  1. Rambodoc says:

    a carumble?
    (a car’s grumble)

  2. Clangnuts says:

    I like this blog too. Can’t get my head round entering this as yet (been a very busy day for me) – but just to say I hope this develops into a huge blog in the future. You’ve been bookmarked.

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