The One That Got Away

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, unless you’re a turkey. Occasionally one of those holiday icons will slip the surly bonds of grandma’s rotisserie—until next year anyway. So how do we refer to these “grate-escapists?” Warm it over in your mind and shoot us, uhmmm…, send us your entry.


1st place: Freekey(Dunn M., Oakland, CA)
2nd place: Phan-Tom (pl8speaker)
3rd place: Poulfree (Carla C., FL)
Honorable mentions: Poultrygeist (Evelyn C., Wichita, KS); Tom Call-ins (t-swifter, CO); Scoffowls (anonymous)

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5 Responses to The One That Got Away

  1. Carla Chadwick says:

    How about “poulfree”?

  2. Carla Chadwick says:


  3. Kathy Frederick says:

    Get Out of Jail Bird

  4. Tammi says:


    is David Copperturks pushing it?

  5. KentuckyGal says:

    Ne’er been plucked

    Got of Pluck-free

    Wet Feathers

    Late Fryers

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