Primetime Wasteland

Oh no! This can’t be happening! You testosterone-filled “keepers of the clicker” know exactly what we’re talking about here. Every now and then you’ll begin your fevered search for something better, only to be bested by 185+ channels… of COMMERCIALS!! Despite having a lightning thumb, there is no content in Mudville this day.

So what do we call this media limbo, this brief but painful lack of programming? [Batteries not included.]


1st place: Chanulling (anonymous)
2nd place: Advertsity (Lea R., San Francisco, CA)
3rd place: Tiv-no (verbal herb)
Honorable mentions: Faux-gramming (blitzen)

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7 Responses to Primetime Wasteland

  1. verbal herb says:


  2. ICUpotter says:

    Would you consider this as being stuck in a Remoat?

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. wordnerd151 says:

    Fable TV

  5. blitzen says:


  6. Unevensphere says:


  7. unevensphere says:


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