What’s In an Element?

Anita Brandolini’s Fizz, Bubble & Flash (Williamson Books) is one of the most clever books I’ve ever worked on, in particular its approach to something so mind-numbing as the periodic table. The book opens practical uses to nearly every element in a fun and engaging way. Here’s a sample page…

A few of the members of the Alkali family. Text © Anita Brandolini, images © dogfoose.com

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2 Responses to What’s In an Element?

  1. Dear Michael,
    I was googling “Fizz, Bubble, and Flash” to see how it is being used in home-schooling, and came across this post. We never met or spoke while you were working on this project, but I always wanted to tell you how pleased and thrilled I was with your illustrations. I think that our senses of humor are twisted in much the same way, and your pictures are no small part of the success and staying power that this book has had. I’m glad that I saw this post so that I can finally tell you this!

    Anita Brandolini

  2. mikey says:

    Hi Anita, Great to hear from you. I actually take every chance to promote your book because it is both smart and fun. I agree that we probably share some humor genes, but I honestly had so much fun working on it that I’ve almost been disappointed by titles that came across my desk later. The phrase “Well, it’s no Fizz, Bubble, and Flash.” could be heard emanating from my office frequently. I even thought about the cover again yesterday when I was drawing a bunch of potassium-rich bananas (K!) for Kids Discover magazine… LOL!

    Thanks for the comments, hope we get to work together again some time.


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