The Water Cycle

Earth’s water is constantly being recycled, a phenomenon also known as the hydrological process. It can take one of three forms: liquid, gas, and solid, and all three can be involved in the cycle. This infotoon originally appeared in Kids Discover Rain & Snow. Click for a bigger image…

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2 Responses to The Water Cycle

  1. Fred Sue says:

    Hello Michael:
    I love your illustrations that appear in kids books. They are funny, simple and excellent in style. Do you also illustrate for teens and adult books?

  2. mikey says:

    Thanks Fred. Currently I am totally immersed in the 6-12 year-old market, but if a project came along that required artwork for older folks (meaning 14+), and allowed me to draw in my own style, I’d likely take it on. My wife is always saying that I need to grow up anyway…
    Thanks for the nice comments!


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