I’ll be presenting a one-hour class on creativity for Butler Community College’s Free Class Day, April 2nd (I believe). I pulled off the video below in one shot. Can you guess how?

The creative mind: How it works, when it doesn’t, and other rhetorical hoo haa

When does creativity strike? Who knows? Award-winning children’s magazine author/illustrator Michael Kline takes you on a one-hour tour of how the creative mind works, when it doesn’t, and gives you the formula for bringing a creative approach to everything, from grocery shopping to world domination, for CEO’s and Soccer Moms. To wit: If you’ve ever used the phrase “Thinking outside the box,” then you’re already late to the party. There never was a box…

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2 Responses to Creativity

  1. Elcy says:

    You acted everything backwards (walking backwards, the last page of the note book is the first one you show us, etc..) and recorded it.
    And later played the video backward to give us this! 😉

    Clues: you were really ripping pages of the notebook instead of turning them to the back and you were walking slowly with extreme caution! hehe

  2. mikey says:

    Good job! The whole thing was shot in one take and had to be very carefully scripted.

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