Life In a First-Aid Kit

Your typical first-aid kit. So check this out lots of gags in here, but I think the best one is the box of adhesive strips that’s hitting on the moist towelettes. Enjoy!
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  1. Jacky Simmonds says:

    I am a midwife and infant feeding advisor and wondered if you would give me permission to use the above cartoon in a poster I wish to make for our maternity staff. Part of a global initiative is to encourage breastfeeding and integral to this is teaching the breastfeeing mothers how to hand express their breastmilk in case they have problems which require this skill. My thoughts are that i would like to use this cartoon on about 8-10 posters in the hospital, for the staff to view hand expressing as an emergency measure should they encounter a problem. I believe your cartoon would promote interest and add a little humour to this, and help the staff promote this to the mothers in our care..

    I am therefore asking permission (with a credit) to use this cartoon for this purpose.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jacky Simmonds

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