Hurricane Preparedness

It’s hurricane season again. With a little thought and some planning, many of the hazards of these dangerous storms can be avoided. Here are a few:
1) After the storm has blown through, watch for downed power lines and other dangers, like broken glass and unsafe structures.
2) If the police say “go,” then you need to evacuate. Take along extra blankets, flashlights, and food in case your journey takes some time.
3) When a warning is issued, bring all things inside that can blow around (bicycles, toys) and cover glass windows with boards.
4) If you become trapped, stay calm. Find things to pass the time, and stay near the center of your house, away from windows and doors. Fill the bathtub with fresh water in case you lose your water supply.
5) If evacuation becomes necessary, plan ahead by reminding parents to keep the car’s gas tank full.
6) Before the storm, assemble a disaster kit, with plenty of fresh water, cans of soup, radio and batteries, a change of clothing, flashlight, sleeping bags, matches, and a first-aid kit.

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1 Response to Hurricane Preparedness

  1. Geof L says:

    What I find strange is how we all see stories of lost pets or people unable to give basic care to thier pets during and following storms. Why not make a pet survival kit ( a part of your basic preparedness items? That’s one less thing to worry about and you can meet your pet’s basic needs if you have to evacuate in a hurry…

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