Acrostic Appetizers


As I sit writing this book,
Cats play in the yard
Right under my window.
Often they seem to jump and
Spin, and when they
Think no one’s looking, they
Inch their way up the bird feeder,
Causing all kinds of commotion.

Notice anything funny about the previous poem, other than the fact that the cats are playing rather than sleeping? Check this out. Take the first letter of each line of the paragraph, and what do you get? That’s right! A-C-R-O-S-T-I-C. Acrostics are often (but not always) written as poems, with the initial letters being thought out in advance. Some acrostics are even related to the initial word as well, as in this example:

Fried rice and figs
Oats and okra
Ovens and olives
Dips and dumplings

The acrostic doesn’t always have to be the first letters, though. Try one using the last letters in a paragraph or poem, as in:

“Please follow the path,”
Advised my dear ma,
“And then take a bath.”
I countered, “Ha Ha!”

See how easy it is? Share the fun of acrostics. Here’s the recipe:
serves: 1 player and 1 pen pal ingredients:
• Pencil and paper
• Stamp and envelope (or email)

Let’s Cook!
Write a birthday card or note to a friend using her first and last name, or the name of her pet or favorite activity, as an acrostic. (You might need to include a note with the definition of acrostic, just in case she doesn’t get it!) If you email your note, keep in mind that an email may tend to wrap the text differently. You’ll be amazed at how creative you can get!

For more wordplay fun, check out WordPlay Café at N-Joi!

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