Levers for Kids: Let’s Move Something

Kids these days must start learn how things in there surrounding works, like on playground there are seesaws and slides. From playing hopscotch to riding a seesaw they must learn what a lever is. Think of a long, strong stick (a lever). The stick is propped up on a small object (the fulcrum). Now imagine that you are holding one end of the stick and a heavy rock (the load) is on the other end. By pulling down (effort) on the stick, you will be able to lift the rock. In levers, the effort is applied at a different point from the load. And, the position of the fulcrum makes all the difference in the amount of effort (push or pull) that is needed to move a load. Ancient Greek scientist and engineer Archimedes once said “Give me a place to stand on, and with a lever I can move the whole world.” For more information on levers, see the Simple Machines issue of Kids Discover, now available on the iPad. (Click the image below for a larger version.)

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