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Ancient Chinese Seismometer

In ancient China, earthquake warnings arrived via metal dragons and frogs. The mouths of the dragons were hinged and held a brass ball. When the pendulum would swing slightly, the ball would release and noisily fall into the mouth of … Continue reading

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The Water Cycle

Earth’s water is constantly being recycled, a phenomenon also known as the hydrological process. It can take one of three forms: liquid, gas, and solid, and all three can be involved in the cycle. This infotoon originally appeared in Kids … Continue reading

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Valentine Hunt

This is a piece I illustrated for Family Fun magazine a few years ago. Feel free to download and print for your students, then ask how many hearts they can find in the room. I’m not sure what the correct … Continue reading

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I.C. Rhodes

They may be made of water, but it’s very hard water. As if summer didn’t have enough surprises for your car, the chillier season finds happiness in pouring icy potholes from the sky! They’re often fleeting (depending on your locale … Continue reading

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Mutter Juice Noise Re-rhymes

The following 3 images are from a book I’m working on entitled Mutter Juice Noise Re-rhymes, basically a phonetic mashup of Mother Goose. By employing this method I plan to rewrite most western literature. LOL!

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What’s In an Element?

Anita Brandolini’s Fizz, Bubble & Flash (Williamson Books) is one of the most clever books I’ve ever worked on, in particular its approach to something so mind-numbing as the periodic table. The book opens practical uses to nearly every element … Continue reading

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If it walks like a rock, and talks like a rock…

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Hit or Myth?

I was asked to illustrate an article for kids on how to write about mythical creatures, which is a great assignment. Mostly because mythical creatures are just that, and cannot be misrepresented. Woot!

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Something missing from your breakfast table? The word Oviraptor means “egg thief,” after a fossil specimen was found on top of a pile of what was thought to be Protoceratops eggs. The image below is from Howard Temperley’s In the … Continue reading

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What Makes a Planet a Planet?

How do you solve a problem like a planet? Meeting in Prague in August of 2006, the IAU (International Astronomical Union) ruled that, in order for a celestial body to be referred to as a planet, it must meet three … Continue reading

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