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The Water Cycle

Earth’s water is constantly being recycled, a phenomenon also known as the hydrological process. It can take one of three forms: liquid, gas, and solid, and all three can be involved in the cycle. This infotoon originally appeared in Kids … Continue reading

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What’s In an Element?

Anita Brandolini’s Fizz, Bubble & Flash (Williamson Books) is one of the most clever books I’ve ever worked on, in particular its approach to something so mind-numbing as the periodic table. The book opens practical uses to nearly every element … Continue reading

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Both Sides of Wind Power

The upside of wind power is that it works even in the dark (unlike solar power), and it’s something that we don’t need to import. The downside is that wind power doesn’t work when the wind doesn’t blow. In addition, … Continue reading

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The name

When my brother and I were little we played a game that had no rules, no physical boundaries, no set time limit, and absolutely no purpose—just a lot of running. My mom just called it dogfoose because it sounded like … Continue reading

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