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Wind, and a Few of the Things It Can Do

We can’t really use the wind until we catch it. And what’s the most popular way to catch the wind’s force? A windmill of course, which can do the work of many people. Inside the mill, a pole begins to … Continue reading

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Safety with electricity

Electricity is a very useful modern-day invention, but it needs to be handled with care. The infotoon below points out a few safety tips for kids and adults. (Text © Kids Discover Electricity)

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The Water Cycle

Earth’s water is constantly being recycled, a phenomenon also known as the hydrological process. It can take one of three forms: liquid, gas, and solid, and all three can be involved in the cycle. This infotoon originally appeared in Kids … Continue reading

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Both Sides of Wind Power

The upside of wind power is that it works even in the dark (unlike solar power), and it’s something that we don’t need to import. The downside is that wind power doesn’t work when the wind doesn’t blow. In addition, … Continue reading

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America’s Carbon Footprint

Americans burn one-quarter of Earth’s energy in their cars and air conditioners. But they make up only five percent of the world’s population. For more information, see the Earth issue of Kids Discover. ©Kids Discover magazine

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Your basic cooling tower

As warm wind pushes through a mesh of damp material it cools and falls, providing cool air and circulation. (Reader’s Digest Books for Children).

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Wind Power

An infotoon about the upside of wind power, in that it can still function when the sun goes down.

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Wind and Solar Power

This image (from Reader’s Digest Books for Children) represents the newer, cleaner energies “knocking on the door” of big oil. To get that grunge look on the door, I pulled out an old baking sheet (yes, we still use it) … Continue reading

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